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Turtleslime .........a four piece band from Sydney.....originated in Campbelltown (yobbo land). Turtleslime is Baz, Jez, Luke and Lesleigh. I wouln't have a clue how to describe us....punk???? hardcore???? so why don't you tell me by dropping a line in the guestbook or emailing us. Anyways you'll probably find more info about us in the following pages I don't want to crowd you with too much information here so yeah proceed with caution.....cause it may be very boring....due to the fact that I know JACK about html editing ro whatever you call it and I'm doing this all with a home page builder thingy so yeah i'm stopping now

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Check these out

Upcoming Gigs: If you're silly enough after seeing our ugly faces you can come to these gigs
Turtleslime MP3's: Download some of Turtleslime MP3's
Parallel Imports: What a crock of shit
Spilt Milk: Great Band from Sydney
Ooze Monsters: About our demo

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